Club 50

Club 50 offers the following privileges:

  • 1 ticket (Solo) / 2 tickets (Couple) per concert for each concert organized by VSC in Switzerland (including special concerts)
  • Invitation to the different VSC cocktails
  • Meeting with VSC artists
  • 1 invitation (Solo) / 2 invitations (Couple) to the exclusive annual dinner-concert for Club 50 members only

Other shared pleasures will be offered to members as opportunities arise.

Limited to maximum 50 members (single/ couple) per year, Club 50 is an exclusive group of VSC ambassadors who take part in supporting a better future for the world of classical music. The membership of the Club 50 is renewed on a yearly basis

The annual fees are:

CHF 2000 (for a single person)

CHF 3000 (for a couple)

To become a member of the Club 50, please write an E-mail to: