Artistic partnership with the Clara Haskil Competition

28 August 2021

Vevey Spring Classic and the Clara Haskil Competition are very happy to announce their


The musical genius of Clara Haskil was the embodiment of great art. Her legacy continues to inspire so many musicians to seek for the immaculate beauty and sensitivity in music while being humble, truthful and honest. Since 1963, a biannual International Piano Competition bearing her name has discovered and launched the careers of many very fine pianists and it continues to do so.

Vevey Spring Classic music festival is very happy to announce the artistic partnership with the organisation of the Clara Haskil International Piano Competition. For the inaugural edition of Vevey Spring Classic in 2022, we will be showcasing the new winner of the 2021 Clara Haskil Competition to perform a Piano Recital on June 4th, 2022 at Théâtre Le Reflet in Vevey, Switzerland (in the case there is no winner awarded this year, one of the past winners will be invited).

For Clara Haskil being an artist was a constant lifelong soul searching journey. The motto of Vevey Spring Classic “Mentoring the Future of Classic” rings far and beyond with the resounding truth that is in line with the inspiration drawn from Clara Haskil’s artistic quest: The path and journey for a young musical talent to become a mature and great artist take many years to nurture.

We look forward to many years of fruitful and rewarding collaboration.

Wilson Hermanto
Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director
Vevey Spring Classic

The Clara Haskil Competition is delighted to join forces with the Vevey Spring Classic festival. This artistic partnership will begin with a concert during the inaugural edition of the festival, which will run from May 29 to June 5 2022. It is in this new setting that we shall present the winner of the Clara Haskil Prize 2021, selected during the final round of the twenty-ninth competition on Friday September 3 2021 at Théâtre Le Reflet in Vevey. Should the prize not be awarded this year, one of the previous laureates will be invited.

The Competition, established in Vevey since the fifth edition in 1973 — following four editions in Lucerne —has always favoured partnerships with cultural institutions in the region, such as Arts et Lettres and festival Septembre Musical, and more recently the Vevey Conservatory of Music, the musicology unit of the University of Geneva and the Cantonal and University Library of Lausanne.

Vevey Spring Classic is both a series of concerts and, above all, a programme of mentoring and masterclasses which will enable a small selected group of exceptionally talented young musicians to develop and to benefit from a unique experience in a spectacularly beautiful natural environment together with world renowned artists. This region has already enchanted generations of composers, from Tchaikovsky to Stravinsky, and musicians, including Nikita Magaloff, Josef Krips, Paul Hindemith and, of course, Clara Haskil, who spent the happiest years of her life in Vevey.

Every two years, the Clara Haskil Competition seeks to encourage a young musician possessing the ability to inspire emotion rather than to dazzle, in accordance with the Competition’s values. These have remained the same since its foundation in 1963: musicality, sensitivity, humility, constant re-evaluation, continual striving for excellence, art of listening to musical partners and respect for the musical text.

All values shared by the Vevey Spring Classic.

Patrick Peikert
General Manager
Clara Haskil Competition